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"We Cannot Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking We Used When We Created Them"

Albert Einstein

My Story

From a traumatic childhood through to appearing on Stan Lee’s “Superhumans” TV show, it’s been quite a journey. It took me many years to find my path in life and I believe that’s what enables me to help and support others to find their path to success. I’ve experienced pain, both physical and mental over many years and learnt strategies to move forward. My eclectic experiences as Professional Musician, Lecturer, Property Developer and Coach enable me to create rapport and empathy with a wide variety of clients.

Work With Me

There are choices on how to work with me;

  • VIP coaching – an intense half or one day to really get things moving
  • Executive Coaching Programme
  • Executive Bootcamps in Spain
  • Mastermind Group Work
  • Corporate Training

Contact me an we can talk through bespoke work that works for YOU.


'Superhuman Buddy' Benefits

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Having an external support, an unbiased pair or eyes and ears is a great way to really take stock and review why things aren’t going the way you would like. Some of the benefits of working with me are;

  • Create lasting Changes in the shortest time.
  • Discover solutions to move you forward
  • Professional &/or Personal development through behaviour change
  • Get your own Superhuman Blueprint – your route to what you want to achieve

Go to the CONTACT page and request a call back to find out more about working with Nigel, whether for your company, your own personal development or for a group of people. There is no 'one size fits all' solution to creating successful change.

Nigel's Corporate Clients

These are some of the clients Nigel Jardine has worked with.

The work has included

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Discovery Insights – Behaviour profiling
  • Professional Development
  • Promotion Success
  • Career Change

Work undertaken can focus on Personal and/or professional Development. The two areas are often closely aligned. Understanding how you interact with others and how they respond to you can have an amazing impact on your successes and challenges.