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Triple World Record Holder

In August 2009 Nigel broke the current World Record, held by a German man, for walking on broken glass for 1 hr. Nigel walked 1060m breaking the record by 100m!

That same night Nigel continued his ‘walk’ to create a completely NEW world record for the longest distance on broken glass, he walked a total of 30km in 27.5 hrs.

The following year in September 2010, Nigel went on to create a second NEW world record. The record was set at the book launch of “Strictly Off the Record” by Anna Nicholas. It was hopping on broken glass. The new record set is 101 hops in 1 minute.
Meeting TV’s Matthew Kelly
With some of the other amazing record holders in Covent Garden, London.
Being interviewed by Anita Anand for Radio 5 Live during the world duration record attempt.
Quick treatment during one of the
5 minute breaks!